Liquorice by Johan BÜlow

Liquorice is something special. It has a remarkable effect on people - call it love, call it something else! But without love, LIQUORICE or LAKRIDS by Johan Bülow, would never have been what it is today; the world's first gourmet liquorice. Made of the finest and most tasty ingredients. Because we love quality and only desire to produce the best.

From hard to soft, sharp to sweet, chewy to crispy ... LAKRIDS is the new chocolate from Denmark. Gluten free and with FDA approvals obtained in Thailand.

1 Sweet liquorice
2 Salty liquorice
4 Habanero chilli liquorice
5 Salmiak habanero chilli cranberry liquorice
A Chocolate coated liquorice
B Passion chocolate coated liquorice
C Dark chocolate and coffee coated liquorice
LOVE Strawberry chocolate coated liquorice



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